Friday, October 15, 2010

BMW 315

BMW 315 is sports car manufactured by the company BMW in the year 1934-1937. This car is a development of the BMW 303. However, unlike the BMW 315 BMW 303, especially with a larger engine, increased in both holes to be 2.4 in the original 2.2 in and stroke to 3.7 in the original 3.1 ins.
BMW 315s were produced 9.765 pieces, including two-door sedan, touring car, sports convertible and BMW 315/1 roaster.
BMW 315/1 is a sports car based on the saloon 315. He uses the same chassis with 315 saloon and has the same engine displacement. However, with a compression ratio increased to 6.8:1 from 5.6:1 in the salon, and by using three Solex carburetors, power increased to 40.6 PS (29.9 kW, 40.0 hp) at 4300 rpm, while the roadster bodywork side of the road for reduce weight 750 kg (1653 pounds).
Production of the 315 / 1 ended in 1936. 242 examples built were the resource persons.